As the amount of data we store (hoard?) increases it becomes harder to know exactly what we have. And if we don't know what data we have, it becomes challenging to know what we are protecting. Amazon Macie is a new service that uses machine learning algorithms for natural language processing to automate data classification S3 buckets.


Splunk's new Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring provides end-to-end security, operational and cost management insights on AWS. It delivers an analytics-based approach to cloud monitoring and provides end-to-end visibility into a customer’s AWS infrastructure, delivering real-time awareness of performance, health, configuration, security and infrastructure spend.


Microsoft is partnering with Canberra Data Centres to add two new regions to their Azure footprint. The new regions will be dedicated to Australian federal, state and local government, New Zealand government, and their partners in order to overcome concerns of government agencies using public infrastructure for managing Unclassified and Protected government data.